Congratulations to Eric on his marriage! He and his wife were married on Friday, December 7th. The best to you both! Also, thanks to everyone who came out to the show on the 1st. It was a lot of fun! Not much to report today. We have 2 more shows this month, both of them in Milwaukee. This will be our first time playing there, and we are excited! Unfortunatly, the show on the 21st is a goodbye show to our friend Tyler. He is moving with a friend to the mountains of Colorado, just outside of Denver. Good luck, and you will be missed! In other news, for those of you who dont know, our brand new patches are now available for $1 each. We are also making both of our Demo CDs available through our website for only $1 each, to cover postage (the CD is free!). We have created a cleverly sloganed deal called \”The Real Deal\”, in which for $2 you get our recently recorded Demo CD 2, a patch and a pin. Well, thats about it for today. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and wish you a happy holiday season! Peace.


Wow! A lot has happened since we last reported news. First up, some older news, The Brokedowns made the Winona State University Newspaper- The Winonan:

To view the full size picture, go here. There was no article about the show, just the picture. That picture is of Eric after one of the MANY times that his strap fell off during that show. Thanks to Hank for bringing us a few copies! Our apologies to anyone who went to WARP on Saturday expecting us to play. Jon got the dates mixed up. The date of that show is this coming Saturday, but we wont be playing because Kris will be out of town. Our apologies, again. Well, we have changed our rehersal space. For many years now, as some of you may know, we have practiced in Jon\’s basement. We have moved our practices to Kris\’ house. It gives us a little more freedom and allows us to practice a hell of a lot more! Weve been practicing there for a couple weeks now, and all is going well. It is very cramped, but it allows us to get a lot more done. So, practice in The Firey Depths is no more. Patches and new pins are on the way. We sent out the payment for them last week some time, so we should have them sometime in November! We are currently working on a design for stickers and future patches. So, hopefully we will have stickers soon. We havent played a show in a while, which has given us time to focus on new music. We have quite a few new songs in the works, and a couple may be ready when we play our next show, which is at The Warehouse on November 9th. We are all excited, and are bringing our good friends Biscayne with us! It should be a killer show. The show for that Saturday fell through, but we are looking for another one. Nothing new as far as the BARcode comp. It will hopefully be out soon. Well, thats about it for today. Peace.


No real news today, just wanted to say a few things about this weekend. We had a great time!! It was so much fun! The show at WSU was great, minus guitar strap problems, so thanks to all of you who went to that show to support the bands, and to KQAL! The show at the Warehouse was a blast as well! Thanks to Manplanet, My Other Band, and Steve for letting us jump on that show!! Also, thanks to all of you who came out and showed your support, specifically Kyle and Tara! And, thanks to the Big Action Records crew for another great time! We love all you guys!! Also, a big thank you goes out to Tom Mikulski for joining us on the road and for all his help! So, anyway, we all had a great time, minus Megans car accident, and hope to do it again soon! Peace.


Well, September is going to be a big month for us! We have a show just about every weekend. Check the shows section for more details. Nothing new to report on the Big Action Records Sampler CD. We are considering rerecording the vocals of what we had recorded with them. We are also in the process of going into the studio back home as well. We are looking into Atlas Studios in Chicago sometime this month or next. Nothing for sure of what will be done with it as of yet. We are in the process of getting a silk screen made, so t-shirts and patches will be coming soon! We are also, finally, looking into getting stickers made as well. Well, other then our new website, that is all for today. As you can see we now have a Frames and a No Frames website. The Frames website is the old one, and the No Frames is our brand new site. Our old website may dissapear in time, but for now, you can have your choice of either one. Well, thats all for today. Be sure to vist the Updates section to keep informed on what is new with our website! Peace.


WOW!!! Once again we have neglected to do anything to this site for a while! Part of the reason for this neglect is because we are working on adding new stuff, and changing a few things. As you can see, we have added a new section- Lyrics. This is just one of the many new things we have planned. Another is brand new, and some older pictures! Hopefully we will have all this done by the middle of this month. As far as The Brokedowns go, July was a rough month for us. With vacations, forgetfullness, bad planning, etc. But we managed to work through all that. The show last Saturday was a lot of fun. We didnt hear how much money was raised, but we hope that it definitly helped! Our friend Britt from My Other Band was down visiting that weekend to!! We miss all of you! No new info about the Big Action Records Sampler. It will hopefully be out soon. We will keep you posted. We are planning to go into the studio sometime this month or next month to record everything we have. So, we are looking forward to that. No news of releasing any of it, but we may plan something for it, nothing for sure yet. We found an old screen last weekend, so we may be making our own patches and t-shirts. Finnally!!! Were also looking into getting a new one made, but we will use the one we have for now. So, more news on that to come. In other news, Elgin Food Not Bombs finally finished their new website, and currently have a Simpsons Trivia Contest going on now through September 1st. Check out thier website for more details! Well, thats all for today. Peace.


The Brokedowns have moved! Our new contact info is:
The Brokedowns
308 South Street #1S
Elgin, IL 60123

Other than that, not too much to report. We just finished recording for the Big Action Records Sampler! Its about time! The sampler should be out sometime in August. We will keep you posted. We will hopefully be going in to record 5 or 6 songs soon to send out to record companies, venues, etc. Nothing for sure yet. The website has undergone some slow, but drastic changes! We have removed those ugly frames and added some color (or is that removed color) to our scroll bars. A revamp of The Brokedowns website? We discussed this when we were up in Minnesota, but Im not sure what we got to. I am very busy right now with the revamping and restructuring of the Elgin Food Not Bombs website, so it wil probably be a while before that happens. Pins are coming! We will have 2 designs available! Not quite sure when, though. We will keep you posted. Patches, stickers and t-shirts are going to happen soon. We will have to screen them ourselves, so we may just do them as they are ordered, Im not sure. More news to come! Peace.


Wow, its been over a month since I have updated this site! Well, I am in the middle of moving right now, so I will no longer have to do this from work. I will finally have a home phone again! (Long Story) Anyway, a full update will come as soon as I am moved and have a phone line and everything set up this weekend. Peace.


Hey, just a quick update since I am at work right now. As you can see, I have added a cool feature to all the section titles. It took me a while, but hopefully they all work okay. I have all the old links down at the bottom, so if there is any problem with the mouse-rollover links, you can use the boring ones below. Well, we are finnally going to finish up that recording. We have a show in LaCrosse on June 8th and we will record the next day to finally finish it up.

Hopfully we wont have voice trouble again. Well, patches have been moved back. We just havent had the time to do them. We have set a few dates to go and do them, and for some reason or another they had to be cancelled. We may be able to get some t-shirts out of this deal as well. More news on that to come. Happy birthday to Chrissy and Josh!! Chrissy turned 19 today, and Josh turned 17. Happy birthday to both of you! Pictures are comming slowly, but surely. We hope to have some up by the end of the month. Well, thats all for today, I think. Be sure to sign our guestbook, and sign up for the mailing list, which is now updated. All you have to do is fill out the form and hit submit! So, sign up to get some cool free stuff. Thats all. Peace.


The show down in Normal was awesome! We played with some real good bands, met some really cool people and had a lot of fun. Just ask Kris. He had so much fun that night that his soul was black and blue, and his eyes were so red he looked like Satan. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Pictures are still in the works. Thanks to Josh for his hard work during his free time to scan our pictures to disk. We have a ton, so its a lot of work. Id say 5 or 6 rolls, maybe? Anyway, patches are on the way, and possibly t-shirts! We have 2 differant designs for the patches, and we are working on a design for the t-shirts. So, we\’ll keep you posted on that. We have quite a few tentative shows coming up this summer. One at the Wonderland Ballroom, the Grand Victoria Casino, and in Wing Park at the band shell. They are all Elgin Food Not Bombs Benefit show. Check out the Elgin Food Not Bombs website for more details. Well, I think that is all for today. Be sure to sign our guestbook to let us know you were here, and sign up for our mailing list and recieve some free goodies!! Peace.


We have an Elgin Food Not Bombs Benefit Show coming up! Check out the Shows section for more details. Patches are on the way!! We finnally have 2 designs picked out, and patches will be made using both of them. Unfotunately, we have to do them patch by patch, but thanks to Tom for helping us out. No news yet on that sampler. We still havent gone the 300 or so miles to finish it. We will soon. We will keep you posted. We have 2 new links now! First one is the official website of My Other Band, our favorite Wisconsin band. The other is of our favorite place to play- The Warehouse. Check both of them out in the Our Favorite Places section. Pictures!!! Pictures might be up as early as next week. Thanks to Josh\’s hard work, we finnally will have some newer pictures. Well, thats all for today. We have a show this Saturday in DeKalb. Check out the shows section, or call Jon at (847)428-5662 for more details. Thats all for today. For the most up to date news on The Brokedowns, sign up for our mailing list. Thats all. Peace.


The shows section is now updated with the correct information. I had the college towns all goofed up, plus I had insufficient info. Its all up there now, and its correct. The only one I dont know complete details about is the DeKalb show. Go to the shows section to find out more. We love to play shows, and will play just about anywhere, so feel free to contact us. We will even play out of state if we can sleep on your floor. So…. Still no news on when we will finish recording. Hopefully in May sometime. We have also been asked to be on another sampler for Duckphone Records. (did I spell it right?) Nothing to report on that. We will for sure do it, but we cant do anything till we finish with Big Action. So, thats all for recording news. On to patches and t-shirts. We have never talked about it seriously, but the topic has been thrown up in the air. All we have to do is buy the fabric, put a design on a disk, and give it to Josh to give it to one of the guys from his dads band who will do it for free and it will be done with one of those professional ink thingees. Boy, talk about run-ons. So, its the same with the shirts. We just havent gotton around to it. We also would have to sit down and think of a logo to put on patches and shirts. So, if you can think of a cool Brokedowns logo, let us know. Were sure stumpped. Well, I think that is it for today. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get some cool free goodies. Also, sign our guestbook so we know you were here. Thats it. Peace.


Well, not much to report today. The shows section has been updated, so be sure to check that out. Pictures are on the way, so keep checking back. When we get them up there will be new pictures of old road trips and more recent pictures, including Kris\’s first show with us, another show at WARP skatepark and pictures from our most recent road trip. They should be awesome. I have seen the pics from the road trip and they turned out real good. Thanks Megan and Josh for helping us with those! No news yet on when we will be returning to Minnesota to finish the recording. Hopefully real soon. Soon after we record the sampler should be out. It will contain 2 songs from The Brokedowns as well as 2 songs from many other great bands. So, more news on that as we find out. Sign up for our mailing list for the most up-to-date info. Also, to get some free goodies, sign up for our snail mail list. Anyway, I think that is all for today. Be sure to sign our guest book to let us know you were here. Thanks. Peace.


Hi. Nothing really new to report today. Pictures from Wisc./Min. are developed but I still have to scan them and all that. Hopefully those will be up by the end of this month. We have some older pictures from a year or 2 ago, plus some more recent pictures of Kris\’s first show with us and the one with The Adversaries that we are still waiting for. Those should be up soon. Check back later for more details. Also, you can now order Earth First! Journal online through us. Check out the Merchandise section for that and other merch. If you sign up for the mailing list, both e-mail and snail mail, you get a bunch of free goodies! Including a free copy of Earth First! We have a few shows lined up for April and May. I hope to have more news on them before the end of the week, so keep checking back. Other than that, there isnt much else. Be sure to sign our guestbook, and sign up for the mailing list to get your free goodies. Thanks. Peace.


Hey everyone! Wow! This past weekend was a lot of fun! It took me a while to get to a computer to update the site. About this weekend, it went great! We had a lot of fun. Fireside was fun even though we didnt play well. The Warehouse was great once again. And the basement show at The Big Action basement was awesome. Weve got lots of video footage and lots of pictures. The pictures should be up by the end of the month. We are talking about taking the footage from this trip and our next one (we dont know when it will be) and making a video of all the funny shit that happened, and of course us playing. I will see if I can get some video clips up on the site. The recording on Sunday went well. Thanks Hank! Unfortunatly, Jon\’s voice wasnt doing so well that day, so we have to go up again soon to record all the vocal tracks. We recorded four songs, but only 2 of them will be on the sampler. We may even be able to put up sound clips too!! Well have to see how things go. This was Josh\’s first time on the road with us. We hope you had tons of fun, and thanks for all your hard work up there and at home. (that thanks is long overdo)So, anyway, thanks to all our friends up in Wisconsin and Minnesota for a great weekend. Be sure to check out the Big Action Records website at http://web.archive.org/web/20030315005401/http://www.bigactionrecords.com/. Well, thats it for now. Be sure to check out every section, and sign our guestbook. We also have a mailing list now! Be sure to check that out. Peace.

Click on the link below if you would like to read Eric\’s comment on the misplaced/irrelevant guestbook entry.


Hey. Nothing really new to report today. We leave on Friday for the weekend. I think we are all pretty excited. Its our first road trip with Kris. Other than that there isnt anything new. Looks like t-shirts wont be happening until after the road trip due to time/funds. We\’ll see about it afterwards. We finnally have pictures of Kris from that horrible show at Warp last weekend. Some of them were real kick ass. We may or may not have those up before we leave. I have been lazy about it. We also should have some older pics up around the same time as the new ones. More on that later. Anyway, see you all at Fireside on Thursday! Peace. Oh yeah, be sure to sign our guestbook and register for our mailing list. Thanks!


Well, first news for today is that, according to some people at last nights show, we are now pussy emo-faggots. Thats inteligent now, isn\’t it? Last nights show was a complete disaster. This band called The Adversaries thought it would be cool to get drunk at a skate park where small children and parents go to, and start fights with people because those people dont like to fight. That was just one of the stupid things these suburban \”gutter punks\” did. They were just plain disrespectful and idiotic. Then, while we were playing, some people tried to show off thier inteligence by calling us pussy emo-faggots. I never thought that putting time and effort into writing good music made you emo. But I guess we are since they say so. So, now, due to the problems that The Adversaries caused last night, they have cancelled all shows for the rest of this month and next month. They will then make the decision as to wether or not WARP skate park will ever have shows again. So, in other news, everyone is coming to our Fireside show, right? Check out the shows section for more details. Talk of screening some B-downs t-shirts? I heard we might be doing that. More on that later. We do have some cool pictures of last night, I am told. We had 2 people taking pictures, so we should have some real cool ones up soon. They should be up before we leave for Wisconsin and Minnesota. We also now have a mailing list! You can sign up for just an e-mail list, or both. Check out the mailing list section for more details. I think thats all for now. Oh, for those of you who are interested, we should be starting up Food Not Bombs next Saturday. Check out the Elgin Food Not Bombs Website for more details at http://web.archive.org/web/20030315005401/http://www.angelfire.com/il3/elginfoodnotbombs. Well, thats all for today. Peace.


WOW! We finnally have pictures up! Go ahead and check them out. We also have some old flyers up. Just go to the pictures section. For those of you who have slower modems, like I do, the pictures may take a while to load, but those of you with newer computers and faster modems shouldnt have a problem. We also have a band histroy up. Its a pretty good abriged version if you ask me. Go ahead and check it out. Propagandhi plays this Saturday in Chicago! It will be awesome. Anyway, thats all thats new so far. Feel free to look around, and of course, sign our guestbook. Let us know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions. Peace.


My apologies to anyone who has tried to e-mail us. I created this site before I created the e-mail account. The e-mail now works. We may possibly have our own e-mail address, ie- thebrokedowns@thebrokedowns.com. Hopefully that will be working soon. This Saturday or Sunday will be the big day when everything gets put together. We should have pictures, complete bios, history and everything. It should be cool. There is some stuff to look at right now, so feel free to roam around. Sign our guestbook too. Peace.


Well, for starters, this page is brand spankin new as of February 18, 2001. It will hopefully be fully operational this time next month. Check back soon.