All apologies to anyone who went to WARP on Saturday thinking we were playing. It was one of those mishaps where someone booked us without informing us. We would have gladly played! Also, we apologize that yesterday did not go as planned. We were really looking forward to playing but circumstances just wouldn\’t let it happen. It was quite the coincidence, just as I was getting directions online to Joe\’s house, he instant messaged me letting me know the show was off. Sucky. Oh well, he will be having another show in Spring so we will definitly be down for that. We are looking foward to the shows on October 26th as well! If you need directions to the show(s), drop us a line. Jon and Daka Feelgood will post some news very soon. Peace. Love Grozz.


Grozz here. Jon\’s grandpa passed away on Tuesday so we will not be playing in Appleton, Wisconsin on Saturday. Our hearts go out to Jon and his family.


Hi everybody, Eric here. Jon has taken his all expenses paid trip to lazy land now. Well, let\’s see, where to start. August was a pretty hectic month for us. Our friend Gino was kind enough to donate his time to recording us and we finished it the day before I left for my honeymoon (I was leaving at 4:30 the following morning). While I was gone they mixed the songs and they turned out awesome. Jon left for his vacation in Minnesota 3 days before I got back so that left us with 2 weeks of not practicing together. Jon returned on August 24th with just enough time for us to pack our shit up (in about 6 different cars since Vanula was in the shop) and head out to our show at Just For Fun Again in McHenry. The show ended up being an awesome time and we played rather well for not practicing together in over 2 weeks. Thanks a lot to everyone who came out to that show. The show at Fireside with Afterproject turned out to be a blast as well. If you have not seen the Afterproject yet, you should as they are fucking awesome! We played a last minute show on this past Saturday in our friend Billy\’s basement in Algonquin. That was a good time! As for the 2 songs we recorded with Gino, one of them will be on a 7\” comp and the other will be on the Duckphone Records comp. More info on those to come. Well, we have a lot planned for this fall and winter, including a 2 week tour to the West Coast in the end of December with our friends and label mates/owners, Straight To Your Brain, leaving the Friday after Christmas and spending our New Year in southern California. We are looking forward to that. If you haven\’t read it yet, be sure to read the new Brokedowns history written by our good friend Dan Powers. Check the updates page for anything new to the site. Also, a new site design is coming this fall, we hope. Probably closer to winter time. Well, if any of you are going to Dillinger Four tonight, I will see you there. Peace.


Hello everyone,Jon here, I hope everyone is ready for summer,cuase i shure as fuck am!With the new season comes an ass load of new news. Just 5 days ago we parted ways with our drummer of 4 years. thats right, the brokedowns with fleck dogg is no more! WE all wish him the best of luck in whatever he decides to do with his time.we will always love you fleck!!!But not all is lost, we are extremely happy to announce that the one and only Moose Dakka will now be taking over as our full time drummer and life mate!We broke him in last night at the bash at bollmans, after only 2 days of practice.He did an amazing job!!! and we hope this will be the start of good things to come!!!We are going to take a few weeks off from shows to get Moose all cuaght up with our songs. then we will be doing lots of local shows and touring over the summer and fall,and then probably an east coast tour with our homies straight(the fuck)to your brain for a couple of weeks in the winter.In other news, our first full length album cleverly titled \”let the dissapointment begin\” will be available in about a week in a half or so. it is on big action records, and it will feature 11 brand new songs!!! we have worked very hard on it and we hope everyone will like it. Pre order it now from this web site or bigactionrecords.com and you will get free shit!Okay, I think thats about it for now,take care of each other! see ya at the shows!!!!!!! love jon


greetings everyone, yet another month has passed scince we last did this. I hope everybody had a nice valentines day(if you chose to celebrate it) Alot is happening in the sacred land of brokedownia. It is official, we will be releasing our first full length record with………drum roll please…….the light hearted yet hardcore revalutionists down at Big Action Records(an awsome independent record label out of the lovely city of Winona Minnasota!)the album should be done by may, but check in soon for the exact release date. It will feature 11 brand spankin new songs! we will have a track listing and pictures of how it is going just as soon as we get em. along with the new album we will be touring pretty heavilly. We are kicking off our spring tour at the fireside bowl in chicago on april 4th. W/crush story(ex members of screaching weasel) that promises to be a great time had by all. so come out and show some luv!!!check the shows section for the rest of the updated tour dates, well thats about it for now. i talk to you all soon! take care of each other. love jon p.s. It was kris\’ b-day last tues. if you see him punch him real hard in the arm and call him a sissy!!


hey everybody,sorry we havent updated in a while. Eric took an all expense paid trip to lazy-land,and I(Jon)am just here pickin up the slack.alot is going down in the near future. We are in the proccess of working out a deal to put out our first full length record,and we are all very exited.more updates on that soon!We will also be playing a ton in the upcoming months, then in the first week of april, we leave for our spring tour.We were thinking of naming it the\”our shit\’s legit tour 02\” but we want to see if any body else has a better name for it. A contest so to speak. So send all of your ideas to me and the winner will get a free cd,patch,and button. Oh Fleck got arrested a bunch of times too. If he goes to jail he wants everyone to know that he loves you. What can i say, the kid has a fondness for puffin the buhdda! Well, thats about it for now…..come see us rock it out w/the fabulous Slim Jim Conspiracy at the warp on feb 2nd!!!!! Love,jon


Happy New Year!! All of last years news has been moved to the Archives section. News to come soon! Peace.