2003 Website Updates Archive

Shows and Past Shows updated yet again.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

New show posted on the Shows page and the Against Me! show pop up thing when www.thebrokedowns.com loads has been removed. Sorry, forgot that was there.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated. Pictures from Kris’ basement from the Halloweenie show are now in Kris’ Basement section of Pictures. They were posted yesterday but I forgot to put that here. Oh well.

News had been posted though it’s not really news, more like a plea to the dickheads who stole from us and Traficant to give our shit back.

The Mailing List page has been modified. We changed the way our mailing list stuff is handled but the form is basically the same thing. Double opt-in sucks.

Shows and Past Shows updated. New site on it’s way.

New show posted.

Shows and Past Shows updated.

Shows has been updated. We’re not playing at AP house anymore on the 25th due to miscommunication amongst the band. Toby Keith won’t let us disclose the location of the other show though. Damn him.

Kris’ tour diary has been posted. Go to Shows, then scroll down and click on Tour Diary. A new show has been posted and other shows have been updated.

Semi-annual news is posted and shows have been updated.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

The listing for the show on Saturday has been updated. The link for Set Forth’s website has been updated and a new link to DECAL Productions has been added.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated. Kris’ tour diary to come very soon.

Tour information on the Shows page has been updated again. The Pics from the August 1st show are now up. Forgot about them. We are finally up to date with all of our pictures.

All the pictures that were “coming soon” are now up. These were Fireside, House Show in Carpentersville and Kris’ Basement. Check them out. Turners Club pictures from June 26th are also up (were up back on the 19th). The Site Map has been updated as well (it has been a while since it was updated). Pics from the show with Straight To Your Brain & the Gammits MW back on August 1st will be up later today.

Yet again, tour info has been updated on the Shows page.

Tour info has been updated again.

Pictures from the July 26th show @ Turners are now up and the tour info in Shows has been updated.

News has been posted, finally. New pics to come very, very soon.

The tour dates/cities, etc. in the Shows page have been modified/updated.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

Tour dates have been modified a bit. A new Pictures page, Kris’ Basement, has been added to Pictures to make way for new ones and Turners Club has been modified to make way for pics taken last Saturday.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated. Tour dates/cities are now posted in shows and the show at Just For Fun Again is now posted. Two new pictures pages have been added to make way for new pictures: Fireside Bowl & House Show in Carpentersville. Pics should be up by the end of the month.

Show this Saturday has been posted and Fat Sally has been added to the show on August 1st.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated. The show this Thursday got cancelled.

Shows have been updated.

Another show has been posted. This Sunday in Aurora at the Rockhouse.

Shows has been modified. The Turners Club show has been postponed to the 26th and we are now playing at our friend Joe’s house this Saturday.

Show at Turners Club this Saturday has been posted.

Show at Kiss the Sky in Batavia has been posted.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

A show has been added to the Past Shows page that we were missing. Thanks to our friend Tim Roby for sending the information!

Two new shows have been posted in the Shows page.

New links have been added to the Links page.

Shows and Past Shows updated.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated and News has been posted. New website complete! Just a brief explaination of changes: main section links are to the left, subsection links are at the bottom of each section and subsection below the horizontal rule (line), with the exception of Pictures; new pictures have been added that were not on the previous version (pics from FNB Benefit, Winter Tour 2002-2003, Turners Club, and pics have been added to the Our Crew/Parties/Misc page) and the layout has changed. All pictures of previous lineups are seperate from the main Pictures page; sections that were subsections in previous versions to save space are now by themselves (ie- guestbook, links, website updates, etc.). See the Site Map for a simplified look at the website layout.

Shows have been updated. We are not playing 2 shows we had planned in late June now due to vacation plans and bad communication/planning on our part. We are however playing a show this Sunday at Kris’ house (same place we practice) for Memorial Day. See shows for details. The T-shirts page of Merch has been updated. T-shirts are not available online for the time being. We plan to have them back up soon.

News from last year has been moved to the Archives section.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

2 new shows have been posted.

Shows and Past Shows updated.

BIG SHOW III listing in the Shows page updated. Price is $7, not $5. Show in Marshalltown, IA posted.

Show information has been updated. Go to Turners Club in Elgin on May 3rd for “BIG SHOW III” to support the possibility of future shows there!

Shows and Past Shows updated. 4/7/03
Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

The Elgin Food Not Bombs Link in the Causes & Orgs. page of Links has been updated. They used to have two website addresses for the same website, but now they only use http://web.archive.org/web/20031217125525/http://www.elginfnb.org/. www.elginfoodnotbombs.org is no longer working. Sorry for the confusion and thanks to Jon for pointing it out. Also, the BAR compilation has been removed from the Releases section and the Records section of Merch. Shit happens and the release is never going to come out. There are burnt copies of it floating around out there though. Shows have also been updated.

Shows have been updated.

Shows has been updated/modified.

New has finally been posted after a 3 month hiatus.

July through December 2002 updates have been archived. Shows and Past Shows have been updated. Also added a new flyer to the Flyers page in Shows from the 11/14/02 show at the Warehouse with The Plain White Ts and Panic Status.

New pictures have been added to the WARP Skatepark page and the In the Studio page.

Shows have been updated.

New shows have been posted. Pics from Tour w/STYB and from recording will be up soon.

Pictures from our show back in November at the Warehouse in LaCrosse, WI have finally been added. New website soon, promise.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

New show has been posted.

Contact page has been modified to the way it was before we shut down two accounts because of SPAM. The message on the front page has changed a bit. Die SPAMmers, DIE.

A lot has been updated/modified today. There are new pictures in the Other Bands page of Afterproject and it has been reorganized alphabetically. Pics from the Halloween shows are now up as well as the rest of the pics from the show on September 21st at WARP. Because I am moving again (same street, just a block up) it motivated me to get us a P.O. Box. We share it with Elgin FNB. Thus, all pages that had our physical address on it (Contact and various merch pages) have been modified with the new P.O. box. Shows has been updated.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated. Please do not send any e-mail to thebrokedowns@thebrokedowns.com or eric@thebrokedowns.com. Those e-mail accounts have been temporarily deleted for 2 weeks to deter junk mail. They will be back in full operation on the 20th of this month. New pics coming this week.