Happy New Year! 2008 is going to be the best year ever! We have some new pics up from a show at the Note in Chicago. Since our last news we have done a lot of shit but you’d be better off spending your time reading a good book than a novel about us. Ian’s Party was rad, New Years Eve was rad, and The Arrivals songs on the split that just came out are even radder than all of that. Now you’re up to date. Playing outside is way cooler than the internet. Bon Voyage.


We’re going to do a better job of updating our website, we swear. Here is some news. We have a new CD out called New Brains For Everyone. Check the merch page for info. We have a split 7″ with The Arrivals coming out in November. We’re going on tour in a week for The Fest 6 in Gainesville, Florida. You should go too. Eric’s wife had their baby and the rest of us still look more pregnant than she ever did. Their baby’s name is Jack. Party on.


This is our website. We’re a punk rock band. We have a new CD coming out soon. As you can tell by the lapse between the last news post (which was done by our friend Hank) we don’t post news very often. We’ll work on that. Come say hi to us at a show. We like personal interaction better than digital interaction.


Welcome to the new website. We have one show coming up at the Ewl house in Wonder Lake, IL. The site shouldnt be to slow in the making and will have lots of video and other random shit for you to waste your time while at work.