2009 to 2010 Updates

Here are the website news and updates from 2009 to 2010:


05.12.10 Post by Eric
Following our trend since we first created a websie in 2001, here is the first new posting in almost a year. When they invent a way to update this with our minds, we’ll be set. 

We’re currently working on a new full length record and it’s almost done. Expect it to be just as bad as everything else we’ve put out. No word yet on when it’s coming out but we’re hoping it will be this summer. 
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We just uploaded some new video and have a few more things to upload like some mp3s and other media/photos shit. We also have some shows coming up. Take a gander. 

Till next time.

08.19.09 Post by Eric
We have an email list that is way cooler than myspace. You can sign up by clicking here:

We have a new shows calendar that will be as up to date as myspace. No more fucking around with this website shit. Social networking sites are so 2008.


03.14.09 Webmaster Note
The new site is launched! I had some issues, but everything should run smoothly now. If you find any errors or broken links please email me at Systemaatix@gmail.com

I still need to upload 3 more folders of images, so bare with me, I’ll have them up by the end of the month at least.

Guys: Enjoy the new site, I hope you like! Any changes please contact me at the address above.