Our new record, Life is a breeze, is done and will be released to digital retailers on December 2, 2014 and released on CD and LP on December 9, 2014.

Here is the tracklisting:Life is a Breeze

  1. Joliet, the Maui of the Midwest
  2. The Gospel of Mustafa
  3. Life is a Breeze
  4. Murder Junkie/CPA
  5. Everything is Immoral
  6. Born on the Bayou Too
  7. What a Drag
  8. The End is not Near
  9. Bless This Mess
  10. Cash for Gold
  11. DIY Space Program
  12. Vapor Chase
  13. I Respect Your Right to Always Be Wrong About Everything
  14. God Hates Math
  15. Keep Branson Weird
  16. A Child’s Guide to Black Metal



We’re working on a record release party right now and we’ll post an update once we have that shit figured out.