ShitSo, I went to update the application that drives our website and ended up bringing the entire thing down for almost a week.  Ooops.  In the end it was worth it because shit is easier to manage with the newer version but it was not my intention to do something that I couldn’t undo.  


There may not be much of a noticeable difference with what you’re seeing but there are a few things that have changed, including some minor things to the layout of our website.  There are a couple of parts of our site that are not published because they aren’t yet compatible with this new fancy application version.  Another unintended consequence.  So, until updates are released we don’t have a shows calendar, music download section, or video gallery.  


On the topic of music downloads, we have all of our records (minus Species Bender) available for download for super cheap at our Merch page.  Why steal it when you can get it from us for next to nothing?  The small cost just helps us pay for shit like this website.  


We do have some shows coming up so I will post them here on the front page until we get our calendar working.  Party on.


  • split 7″ with our friends in Wide Angles.
  • split 7″ with our friends in Vacation Bible School.
  • plan for the impending end of the world.
  • tell our 3 collective children that whether the world ends this year or not it will eat them alive regardless and wish them luck.
  • record some more new songs.


We just got done recording the songs for the two 7″ splits and have a few leftover we’re not yet sure what we’ll do with.  Regardless, hopefully we’ll have a new full length ready to go by the end of summer or early fall.  As usual, our resolution for 2012 is to update the news on our site a bit more frequently.  Has it really been over a year since the last time? 

Party harty. 

Love, Erc.

We are reproducing

So, Kris’ wife is expecting a baby in the next couple of months and after our next show (on January 29th @ Beat Kitchen) we’ll be laying low for a while while they get used to the new arrival.  Once they have their baby there will be 3 little Brokedowns dudes running around.  And they all belong to Moose.

See the shows calendar for details on the show at the end of this month.  There’s some pretty rad bands playing. 

Hope everyone’s new year is off to an awesome start and thank you to everybody who came out to Ian’s Party.  The two days I was there were a blast and it was great to see a bunch of people who stayed strong through the end.  It was awesome.

Till next time,