Ian's PartyNo, you can’t download Ian’s Party but it is just around the corner and wristbands go on sale tomorrow.  You should totally get one and come see all the cool bands at Santa’s Village and then come to the last show on the first Sunday of January 2011 at Penny Road Pub.  We’re playing with a bunch of awesome bands that night and we’re sure to please the biker chicks.

Speaking of bikers, we now have a complete MP3 download area in our Merch section.  Let’s face it, everyone “steals” music these days so we figured why not make it readily available on our website.  Here’s the catch: the downloads are not free but they’re super cheap.  You can download every record we’ve put out (minus Species Bender) for only $12.00.  So why steal our music on Mediafire when you could get it straight from the source for almost nothing?  If you still want to download our music for free, go for it and make sure you play it for your friends so they know how much we suck too.

See ya’ll at Ian’s Party.

Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things: First off, thanks to everyone who came out to The Hangout on Saturday.  It was quite a fun time even though 2 of the 4 of us don’t really remember a whole lot from about the time we played onward.  I DO remember drinking from a trophy and hijacking the microphone a few too many times.  Oh, and thanks to everyone who was at Fest and was kind enough to watch us.  From what I heard Fest was quite a blast this year.

We have several shows coming up including Ian’s Party.  We’re playing a couple shows out of state in the middle of December too.  Check the shows calendar for the details.

Kris and Rachel are expecting a baby boy in March which is awesome.  Between now and March we’re hoping to write some new stuff and hopefully record it so Kris can focus his time on being a new dad.  Congrats to you both!

On to the news archives, I was able to find news that I/we posted going back to the VERY early days of our website thanks to a cool website called the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This site is pretty cool but due to the way I designed our website between 2004 and 2006 I can’t get to the news we posted then.  AND the company we hosted with back then removed all our shit from their servers accidentally in 2006 and we lost everything.  Without the Internet Archive site everything from back then would be gone–it’s pretty cool.

So, if you have some time to kill at work feel free to go back in our news on this site and you’ll see archives going back to 2001.  Pretty nifty.