New WebsiteSo here is our brand new website.  It’s probably the fanciest one we’ve ever had and it’s easy for the non-nerdy dudes in this band to edit.  Anybody can register a user name which may make some of the shit in our site more functional but it’s definitely not required.  We’re still kinda new with the fancy part of the internet so if something doesn’t work unless you’re logged in it’s probably because we haven’t wrapped our brains around that yet.

Most of the shit from our old website is on here but it may just look different.  There may be a few kinks that we have left to work out but for the most part this shit be done. 

Following our trend since we first created a website in 2001, here is the first new posting in almost a year. When they invent a way to update this with our minds, we’ll be set.  Until then, it’s going to be an Annual Update.

We’re currently working on a new full length record and it’s almost done. Expect it to be just as bad as everything else we’ve put out. No word yet on when it’s coming out but we’re hoping it will be this summer. 

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We just uploaded some new video and have a few more things to upload like some mp3s and other media/photos shit. We also have some shows coming up. Take a gander. 

Till next time.