2003 Website Updates Archive

Shows and Past Shows updated yet again.

Shows and Past Shows have been updated.

New show posted on the Shows page and the Against Me! show pop up thing when www.thebrokedowns.com loads has been removed. Sorry, forgot that was there.

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All apologies to anyone who went to WARP on Saturday thinking we were playing. It was one of those mishaps where someone booked us without informing us. We would have gladly played! Also, we apologize that yesterday did not go as planned. We were really looking forward to playing but circumstances just wouldn\’t let it happen. It was quite the coincidence, just as I was getting directions online to Joe\’s house, he instant messaged me letting me know the show was off. Sucky. Oh well, he will be having another show in Spring so we will definitly be down for that. We are looking foward to the shows on October 26th as well! If you need directions to the show(s), drop us a line. Jon and Daka Feelgood will post some news very soon. Peace. Love Grozz.

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Congratulations to Eric on his marriage! He and his wife were married on Friday, December 7th. The best to you both! Also, thanks to everyone who came out to the show on the 1st. It was a lot of fun! Not much to report today. We have 2 more shows this month, both of them in Milwaukee. This will be our first time playing there, and we are excited! Unfortunatly, the show on the 21st is a goodbye show to our friend Tyler. He is moving with a friend to the mountains of Colorado, just outside of Denver. Good luck, and you will be missed! In other news, for those of you who dont know, our brand new patches are now available for $1 each. We are also making both of our Demo CDs available through our website for only $1 each, to cover postage (the CD is free!). We have created a cleverly sloganed deal called \”The Real Deal\”, in which for $2 you get our recently recorded Demo CD 2, a patch and a pin. Well, thats about it for today. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and wish you a happy holiday season! Peace.


Wow! A lot has happened since we last reported news. First up, some older news, The Brokedowns made the Winona State University Newspaper- The Winonan:

To view the full size picture, go here. There was no article about the show, just the picture. That picture is of Eric after one of the MANY times that his strap fell off during that show. Thanks to Hank for bringing us a few copies! Our apologies to anyone who went to WARP on Saturday expecting us to play. Jon got the dates mixed up. The date of that show is this coming Saturday, but we wont be playing because Kris will be out of town. Our apologies, again. Well, we have changed our rehersal space. For many years now, as some of you may know, we have practiced in Jon\’s basement. We have moved our practices to Kris\’ house. It gives us a little more freedom and allows us to practice a hell of a lot more! Weve been practicing there for a couple weeks now, and all is going well. It is very cramped, but it allows us to get a lot more done. So, practice in The Firey Depths is no more. Patches and new pins are on the way. We sent out the payment for them last week some time, so we should have them sometime in November! We are currently working on a design for stickers and future patches. So, hopefully we will have stickers soon. We havent played a show in a while, which has given us time to focus on new music. We have quite a few new songs in the works, and a couple may be ready when we play our next show, which is at The Warehouse on November 9th. We are all excited, and are bringing our good friends Biscayne with us! It should be a killer show. The show for that Saturday fell through, but we are looking for another one. Nothing new as far as the BARcode comp. It will hopefully be out soon. Well, thats about it for today. Peace.

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