Ian’s Party

We do a lousy job of posting news on our website even though we keep things up to date on here. Truth is, there are far more interesting things than what we have going on–such as Donald Trump.  That said, we’re making America great gain by playing with Toys That Kill, Meat Wave and Sincere Engineer tomorrow night in Chicago.  After that, we won’t be playing again until fall because we’re working on a new record.  We’re planning to put new, sweet licks on tape come late September and hopefully release it early next year.  


Other than that, be sure to vote in November and then, no matter who wins, come drink your sorrows away at Ian’s Party 2017.  

Ian's PartyNo, you can’t download Ian’s Party but it is just around the corner and wristbands go on sale tomorrow.  You should totally get one and come see all the cool bands at Santa’s Village and then come to the last show on the first Sunday of January 2011 at Penny Road Pub.  We’re playing with a bunch of awesome bands that night and we’re sure to please the biker chicks.

Speaking of bikers, we now have a complete MP3 download area in our Merch section.  Let’s face it, everyone “steals” music these days so we figured why not make it readily available on our website.  Here’s the catch: the downloads are not free but they’re super cheap.  You can download every record we’ve put out (minus Species Bender) for only $12.00.  So why steal our music on Mediafire when you could get it straight from the source for almost nothing?  If you still want to download our music for free, go for it and make sure you play it for your friends so they know how much we suck too.

See ya’ll at Ian’s Party.