Life is a Breeze

Cash for GoldCash for Gold!

Today is the official release date for our new record, Life is a Breeze!  The digital version was released last Tuesday and today the CD version will be available.  LP is still pre-order but it should be available by our record release show on December 20th in Elgin.  The CD is available to order directly from us as of this morning and we’ll make the LP available as soon as we have our hands on some.

Last week Punknews announced the release of our first video from Life is a Breeze for the song “Cash for Gold”. Check it out:  It is also available in our Videos page.

We have two shows coming up that are already posted in our Shows calendar and we have a weekend in the works with Meatwave which includes shows in Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis.

Party on!

Our new record, Life is a breeze, is done and will be released to digital retailers on December 2, 2014 and released on CD and LP on December 9, 2014.

Here is the tracklisting:Life is a Breeze

  1. Joliet, the Maui of the Midwest
  2. The Gospel of Mustafa
  3. Life is a Breeze
  4. Murder Junkie/CPA
  5. Everything is Immoral
  6. Born on the Bayou Too
  7. What a Drag
  8. The End is not Near
  9. Bless This Mess
  10. Cash for Gold
  11. DIY Space Program
  12. Vapor Chase
  13. I Respect Your Right to Always Be Wrong About Everything
  14. God Hates Math
  15. Keep Branson Weird
  16. A Child’s Guide to Black Metal



We’re working on a record release party right now and we’ll post an update once we have that shit figured out.  

So I think the last time we posted any news was in 2012.  Either way, a lot can happen in a short amount of time and we just added a new t-shirt to our merch/store so check it out.  Right now we only have M, L and XL but we’ll have XXL and S soon hopefully.  In addition, we have a new record coming out this fall/winter.  The music is done, we’re just putting some finishing touches on the other aspects of putting out a new record.  Our friend Matt Semke designed the cover of this record and he is the one who designed the cover for New Brains.  We’re very excited about the record and we’ll post more news as it gets closer to being released.  Party on!