So we have a new record coming out soon…. only hint of detail about it right now is the new “Mommy, Can I go out and Chill Tonight?” shirt we just posted in our Merch area.  More to come soon on the new jams, including the title of the record.  


We’ve been laying low the last couple of months but have some shows coming up in November and December.  Check out the ol’ FB page for more details.


Party on, Donald Trump’s America.


So I think the last time we posted any news was in 2012.  Either way, a lot can happen in a short amount of time and we just added a new t-shirt to our merch/store so check it out.  Right now we only have M, L and XL but we’ll have XXL and S soon hopefully.  In addition, we have a new record coming out this fall/winter.  The music is done, we’re just putting some finishing touches on the other aspects of putting out a new record.  Our friend Matt Semke designed the cover of this record and he is the one who designed the cover for New Brains.  We’re very excited about the record and we’ll post more news as it gets closer to being released.  Party on!